The Venue- Your Budget

The Venue- Your Budget

The Venue- Your Budget

Bringing your dream wedding to life is the most magical moment but once plans start coming together, Guest list start forming, Deposits are due and final quotes are submitted, many brides stress. There are ways that you can have the wedding of your dreams and still get the most for your dollar. Here are some helpful hints on where you can save money, what you cannot afford to not have and the downright reality of what you must spend the most money on.

The Venue: $800-$40,000

The most important and a must have for your wedding day. While some try the DIY method in hopes of reselling their wedding décor on other Brides and thinking that you will save money with a hire yourself caterer, this is not always the case. Depending on your Venue, wedding size and needs for your wedding, having a DIY wedding venue can come out costing way more than a full service venue and you still may get stuck with that wedding décor you hoped to resell and most of all, you will get stuck with the hassle of clean up and set up.  There are great points on Self-Service & Full service venues and the choice boils down to your vision, budget and most of all, your patience.

Here are some key points, questions and thoughts when choosing a venue budget.

  • A site fee in the central Florida wedding for a Self-service Venue is anywhere from $800-$5,000. Self-service refers to the fact that you can or must bring in your own caterers, cleanup crew, licensed bartenders, licensed DJ, Up lighting, Florist, ETC. The only thing the Venue is providing is the Ceremony & reception space. Another perk of Self- Service is that you can build up your space to look exactly what you envision it to look like. Unlike full service, Self-service venues are typically very bare. This allows your vision to run wild and this is a Designers playground.
  • Self-service venues also leave at least 1 person on site for your day of for any issues. This lets most couples actually let loose and enjoy their wedding without having someone always pulling them to the side as well as unlike full service, you will not get a bill at the end of your wedding night.
  • Self-Service venues tend to be of the laid back side when a Couple has a DIY wedding. They do not require much from outside Vendors of any kind with the exception of the DJ, in which they use the Venue power source and a lot of it. Most require at least the DJ to hold a $1m Liability insurance Policy.


  • Full Service venues in the Central Florida area will run anywhere from $8,000-$40,000++. Do not let this price steer you. Full service venues has your Food & beverage(including Alcohol), Your ceremony & Reception rental Space(may be waived with F7B Minimum), your Set up & Clean up, Full Waiter staff with bartenders, Banquets Captain/Manager for Food & beverage and overall layout and set up of both ceremony and Reception. This feature for full service does come with a down slope in some cases. If you are hiring a friend/family member or someone is providing DJ, Photographer or any other labor, they must hold a minimum of $1m liability insurance policy issued to your Venue. Most venues, even self-service, require liability insurance for any Vendor that plugs anything into their power source. Full service usually must handle and provide certain vendors, in which they bill you in 1 invoice that reflects your rental fee, catering and all other services. Chairs, drapery, arches, Linen, chargers and catering are 99% always handles directly through the full service venue. To many, this is a dream because you get your whole wedding in a package price.
  • A full service venue also gives couples that security when it comes down to extra guest. Full service always sets and prepares food from 4%-8% over the guest count. That means if you have an extra few people show up, there will be a seat, there will be a plate for them & there will be no hassle.

If you have a direct question or need help with your options, feel free to leave a comment for us and we will be glad to help!

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